by Fueling The Fire

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To get this straight, we haven't put out any new music for approximately 4 years now, and finally - here's a piece of "new" work done!

As much as we're now quite happy with it, this EP was a real struggle to finish... Honestly, while having many new ideas we wanted to use the concept to make a smooth transition into some new aspects of our music, and on the other hand we didn't want to abandon what was then like few song-drafts that we liked, and songs that we thought wouldn't fit anywhere later on. As a band we've probably changed a lot and it was a challenge to combine some of our older stuff with the new order of writing. Significant part of this album is made out of material that we started creating around our previous EP era. The second part was us experimenting with shifting it into new stylization and creating additional parts that would hint to the next release which should follow sooner than later.

A quite good examination of that musical process can be followed within the 10-minute-long-result of our closing track here, as it actually consists of a few shorter songs combined, with first basic takes coming from before QTTS EP, another parts building up through the last year, and additionally up to the last passage that got written barely before its recording. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy that.

Thanks to everyone who's ever supported us or waited so long to hear from us.



released October 1, 2013

recorded, mixed and mastered by Krzysztof 'Leon' Lenard
at No Fear Records in Rybnik, Poland

artwork by Tomek Napierała
all music and lyrics written by FTF

Bartek Tajak - bass, vocals, guitar, programming, piano composition, keys
Łukasz Łata - guitar, vocals
Piotrek Nowak - guitar, piano composition
Tomek Napierała - drums, vocals

Dawid Kudyba - programming and piano assistance, bg vocals on tracks 1, 4
Kuba Smusz - additional guitar



all rights reserved


Fueling The Fire Rybnik, Poland

We're a band from Poland. Here's most of our official music. Listen and share, thanks!

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Track Name: The Juniperus
i resurrect my dreams
it's just not what it seems
if nothing could stop us now
then why are we still here?

mondays turn to fridays
and there's nothing that we do
we sleep through our lives
with open eyes as the days go by

let me say that i'm prepared
i need this
when wounds are healed we can begin
and let me say this once again
that i need this
so please just give it what it takes

and i want to know
how things will turn
feeling like there's so much more
some stories show that i should know
mishaps demand to share
just to justify ourselves

i resurrect my dreams
it's just not what it seems
if nothing could stop us now...

if only we could get ourselves
past through all our mistakes
the damage's done so just rest the eyes
and don't waste more time

and i want to know
how things will turn
feeling like there's so much more
some stories show that i should know
mishaps demand to share
well let's just don't, ever again

as for the past, it's not timeless
but it's really fine by me
so let's get forward, let's move ahead
with some stories unshared so we can be saved

we could try
but we have got to keep it real
Track Name: It Hits Hard, It Hits Home
these voices in between
our vices and our demons
say "won't you reconcile
with what's left to lose?"
and after all those restless bargains
over our useless youth

i'll rest, i'll detest myself
if there's a difference now

i feel so discouraged by all the things that I have learned
the same chances don't come back
and i would never believe that we could have been any far from this
but now to stop i just wouldn't dare
i wouldn't dare
i couldn't

i start to see and i try to understand

and i've been so undecided
isn't this divided well
or did we just forget?
do you think i'm satisfied
with never having a good run
and maybe beating a dead horse anyway?

i could make it if they paid attention
turned inside out

learn to take it along with consequences
turned inside out
Track Name: Modern Witchcraft & Spell Casting
dear friends of mine
pour me one more glass
let's get fuckin drowned
we'll drink to better times
before i said 'everything'
before everything was gone with goodbyes

we'll practice the routine
of spilling gasoline
all over your front door
and lighting a match

cause words are not enough
you know i'll keep my time

red eyes, dry lips
i'm trying to catch the air
where you have melted away
i think i overdosed again
oh god it burns so soft
fake smile, i'll try to exist in the crowd

this fire will rise tonight
we burn together, we burn!
there's no beauty in collapse
this fire will rise tonight
we burn together, we burn!
there's no turning back

and even if it's right
i haven't found an excuse for it yet
the ashes will be left behind anyway
cause words are not enough
you know i'll keep my time
i'll keep my time...

* NOTE: an initial/written version; some of the lyrics are eventually not sung
Track Name: Artificial Space Pt. 2: The Stitched Mouth
i wish myself to forget every piece of this hell
left with nothing inside and with nothing to say
still like the smallest worm
under the weight of the universe

when you drag me through the gutter
there's no time to think
but i know that there's no need to scream
knee deep's enough to drown in fear

all hail the king of parade
all hail the king

i was heaven sent once, wasn't i?
and maybe i was made to feel alive
or to lay face down in the mud
just to lay face down...

it can't be just fine, but it’s close to feel ok
if you swallow the pride, if you forget the pain
but what if i can't?

so wear your dirty crown
it means nothing to me
it's gonna weigh you down
so wear this arrogant crown
with its burden
which is heavier than me

all hail the king of parade
all hail the king

and the silence inside burned
from the part when you stitched my mouth
as i could stand there behind you
and see if you'd ever look back

and the silence inside burned
but it's what made me learn what i know
well, i wanted to call this a 'home'
but you gave me no choice
Track Name: On Counterfeit Gallows

the devil is here
it's spitting on your face in a way
and it won't shrug its shoulders when you're weak
they come back around every time you back down


we're twisting a gallows
for you to feel your fear
cause the first time you'd stand there
you won't know that it's not real

blindfolded you'd wait
for when the push comes to shove
and from now on your name
is lost

with this around my neck i'm sure i'm dead
but honestly i don't know why!
i'm panicking again but i wish this would be over
so when comes that one last breath?!

the knot should get tighter as i fall
but i feel that it doesn't catch me at all

that rope's a trick, it's long enough
for you to hit your feet
against the ground, all safe and sound
between the fallen leaves

..at all, on this new found bedding
seems i'm alive... but dead inside

the saddest circus is alive
we mean to stage it few more times
and you're stuck with a martyr role

kid, keep the ribbon on your eyes
we want to make you feel proud
of the glorious scornful act


they're getting close
even closer than they know
to my own eager role to ensue
nobody owns me if the ground won't shake this once


and if it's somehow funny
then i'm sure just not for me
trading living for surviving
doesn't make me feel complete
but i'm on their stage
doing all the right moves

the knot serves as a collar
that won't ever touch my skin
and they don't want any victims here
they just perform their mockery

and they could do this again and again
and then again and over again
why would i give them what they want?
i need to throw caution to the wind
i need to set things to work by myself
so i'm free


(5:33 / 7:53)


is there a point in this game
if i lost my name?
you can keep the guilt for me
now there’s so much shame and i'm left with no fear

and then you won't smile again
and it isn't a mistake
while this time i'm keeping my legs high
before the ground lifts my life